Business eCosystem

By participating in our eCosystem you can carry out transactions, financial operations or manage your projects. You can also connect with other eCosystem and expand your network, your traffic, your services and your relationships.


You can also create your own eCosystem and promote your own operation´s network.


#OPENmaat has been tested and validated by hundreds of thousands users and does not require any traditional management function -management- by establishing agreements dynamically between new partners, buyers and sellers anywhere in the world.


#OPENmaatt configures "distributed organizational identities" by positioning and identifying each of its participants in a dynamic way; enabling them to configure and re-configure their position into "value network" of the organizational ecosystem by integrating and adding the services of the rest of the agents of the ecosystem and giving back each member according to their contribution.


#OPENmaat makes it possible to manage the "digital reputation" of each of the agents of the "Value Network" based on its traceability, history and contributions.


#OPENmaat makes it possible to "materialize transactions" to each of the agents, whether at contractual, logistic or financial way



Benefits to the Community



(1) Risk-mitigation


(2) Structured Finance


(3) Supply Chain Optimization