Managing your digital identity


SIGN IN allows to your Organization to become part of the #OPENmaat Business eCosystem.


Having a secure identity will be critical for online interaction in the sharing economy.


Digital eCosystem is the new paradigm for dynamic business integration.


A Digital eCosystem consists of Organizations that compete, collaborate, and form stable or unstable federations.


Digital Identity allows the establishment of Big Data Policies and Strategies of the Three Vs:  velocity, volume and variety


Organizations can showcase their commitment to providing trusted digital identity services.


One way to understand how the benefits of data should be distributed would be to look at data in terms of property.


The Anonymity and Accountability debate pits concerns about the dangers of anonymity on one side  -from bullying and trolling to criminal or illegal actions -and in the opposite camp those worried about the impact on freedoms of the reaction towards real identities and calls to make anonymous internet usage impossible.


With #OPENmaat Digital Identity your organization will inherit the properties of register (Single Sign ON) and should be able to access and participate in any of the Business eCosystems of the #OPENmaat Network.


#OPENmaat Digital Identity is compliant with distributed ledgers  (Blockchain Architecture) enhacing "state of the art" mechanism to manage you identity into your Business eCosystem.